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The Census Tract that is used for the information viewed below is from tract #1103. The area is enclosed within N. Nagle Ave. east to N. Austin Ave. and from W. Gunnison St. north to W. Bryn Mawr Ave. All information regarding the census information came directly from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Demographics tables detail out some general information for the area such as population (sex, age, and total), race, and some general housing information.  Please note the increase in population and housing information over the last 10 years.

The Housing table shows the age of the buildings in the neighborhood, number of bedrooms, utilities, and some various other information about the people that live in that area.   We believe that viewing the Demographics table helps support us in estimating that the housing information will have drastic changes from the past ten years and that it will continue to have drastic changes into the future.

Income & Poverty
The Income and Poverty table reports how much households make in a year, how their money is made, and the number of people below the poverty level.  The income levels should increase as the poverty levels decreased over the past decade in this area, as resulting from our research.

Labor Force
The Labor Force table presents the number of people in the neighborhood that are old enough to be working and how that breaks down into the current work force.  This also shows how these people commute to work, their occupation, and the industry they work in. Given our beliefs that housing and income have increased dramatically, we also believe that these numbers will be affected similarly. 

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